Drawing Sample Single Sign Login Use Case, Architecture Notes,

 Martin Fowler

Web performance,

Secure your web service
WCF Security,
General Security Architecture,
WCF Security,
WCF Security Architecture,
MS Security Service,
IIS security, Authenticate,
Open Web App Security (OWASP)
Ido Flatow's Blog,
Salted Password Hashing

NHibernate, EntityFramework, OR mapping:
NHibernate, NHibernate best practices, NHibernate Series,
NH and UoW , download Nhibernate,
Sampe1, Sample2 Imp, Sample3 Exp, Rhino Commons, Sample4,

F-NHB-mappingBase, NHB-Deepgrok, FullTextSearch, ayende,
Parent/Child relationship,

MS Enterprise Library (Entlib),

ADO.NET Entity Framework, EF, NH vs EF, Entity POCO, Generic Entity Repository,

MS Certification Blog or Blog, ScottGu, Blog TechNet,
ASP Weblog, Eric Hexter, Wriju .NET and everything , Steve Syfuhs, Nikhilk, Brad Wilson (MVC), Richard,
Jimmy Nilsson, UDI Dahan

Kazi Manzur Rashid,

Web Service:
Web Services with ASP.NET
Web services in MS .NET 
Generate a web  service

IIS Management Tools, IIS Express Server,
MS uses TFS, VB COM under IIS7,
Web Farm Framework for IIS7,

, .NET QUICK START ,ASP.NET URL, SiteMap, Attribute/Reflection,
ASP.NET application life Cycle, (1),

Performances:  .NET performance, .NET performance

 .NET Links, ASP.NET-note, Thread Issue,

C# XML Documentation, ASPNetNote ,

REST (Representational State Transfer)REST Helpful,
Roy Fielding REST
Three Level Of the REST Maturity Model

 .NET 4: MEF

ORACLE ERP, Oracle Documents, Ask Tom, dba-oracle,
Migrating SQL Server to Oracle





FireFox: FireBug, ColorZilla, Web Developer, FireShot, User Agent Switcher, XSS ME, SQL Inject MeSecurity Pack,
IE Web Developer Tool,
Web Debugger (Fiddler), Browser Sandbox, W3C Unified Validation,
Screen Capture (MezerTools), Screen Measure (Iconico)Screen Record (Jing Capture), Image editor (GIMP), Digram editor, Icon finder, Font compare,
Generate Machine Key,
Load Test (PingDom)
Notepad++, Muti-Monitor TaskBar,
Version Control Review
Integrate Web test Tools: Selenium WebDriver and MVC Test
Mockup Design tool: Lumzy, Impress.js, Balsamiq,

PowerShell Helper, PowerShell.com, PowerShell Notes,
Others: Synergy,

Unit Test: TypeMock doc

Standard and Naming Conventions
.NET Standards and Naming Conventions 

Design Patterns:
S.O.L.I.D, Is Design Dead?,
Patterns Library 
UI Design Patterns
Model View Presenter (MVP) pattern
MS Application  Architecture Guide,
C# in Depth,
Law Of Demeter,
Semantic Versioning,
Enterprise Integration Pattern,

Setup local network, web hosting,
Troubleshoot the Web Server in Windows 2000
Web application Optimization Tips and Tricks
MS Service Provider Interface
HTML and javascript, AJAX:
General HTML,   html, Jscript, js performance, js core , js inheritance,
MS JS in-depth, dhtml goodies, js events, 53 CSS, css_site_map,
    jQuery,   Prototype, LearnJQuery, Blueprint (CSS),
http://www.howtocreate.co.uk/ ,AJAX load js,   SMASHING,
C# .Net style javascriptMS AJAX simple,
Top 10 javascript
JavaScript with ASP .NET server controls
AJAX document 
Server Control with Embedded js 
AJAXControl development
Extending JavaScript with ASP.NET AJAX
AJAX Simple start
AJAX.NET Lookup Control
Server control builder,
AJax attack         MS AJAX Control ToolKit SourceCode
Html Area sample, ExecCommandAntiXSS, WFetch,

MVC: MVC Notes
Web MVC Pattern 1, MVP with .NET,
Best Practices,
MVC3 ServiceLocation (DependencyResolver), MVC Forums,


Demo 1,  

Enterprise Integration: BizTalk, BizTalk 2010, Blog,
Host best practice, Top 10 Mistakes,

IoC and DI (Invertion of Control Containers and Dependency Injection):
Autofac, ServiceLocator is an anti-pattern

IoC wrap,

Walkthrough: Windows Azure Table Storage
Create WCF Certificate, access your computer from web page source code control,
Expression Builder, Sample1,

e-commerce, xml/xsl

Agile Communication,

 Fonts, Logo, ebooks

SSRS Notes:


Roadmap for ADO.NET DataSet, DataView, and ataViewManager Objects,
database, DataSet note, note oracledata centric security,


http://sqlzoo.net/  http://www.exforsys.com/, w3avenue,
MS Workflow inside

Sample framework or implementation:
http://docs.nettiers.com/EntityLayer.ashx , architecture consideration,


DDD Community, DDD CQRS Notes,
Domain.Driven.Design:   Break Entity-Repository    DDD in practise    DDD Sample SourceCode    MS DDD Thinking   DDD sample  Validator
 DDD User Group  ,  DDD S#arp, DDD Specification Pattern, Employing the DDD
CQRS Sample,
Tackling Complexity In The Heart Of Software
Steve Eichert
Refactoring Our Way to Glory: An exercise in implementing a domain-driven design
Value Objects in Domain Driven Design


Create a composite web control
MS CompositeControl class
, MS walkthrough1,     Stripping Span,      ViewState,  
sample1, sample2, MS samples, sample_render_div, sample_css_tabs, AJAX_server_control,
MS buildcontrol groups,   Composite eventCustomer control and viewstateUpdatePanel and CompositeControl, 2,
Overview of user controls vs. custom controls,    TabStrip Control,
Data Binding, Tab Control, Multi-view simple tab control, Sample databinding.NET 3.5 data binding, Two way data binding, Web Control Databinding,
MS Validators
Service Locator, Interesting Finder, Service Locator pattern, Kzu weblog, Sample1, Sample2, Sample3,
Alik Levin's

 Leadership Software development role   Turn your senior developers into mentors   aa

IIS Tools,  dependencyWalker Layout,
 IIS issue, load typelib error, MS Tools
 Learning English ,
Interview Question
 note, interview questions, sample,  Wrapping .NET DataSet and connection database to one class